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Et summary svarer til et referat på dansk. Denne vejledning stammer fra | http://writingcenter.appstate.edu/sites/writingcenter.appstate.edu/files/Tips%20for%20Writing%20a%20Lit%20Analysis.pdf.
Vejledningen slutter med at summary på 88 ord af Little Red Ring Hood, dvs. Den lille Rødhætte.


A summary is a brief overview. There are different types of summaries that require
different approaches, but predominantly summaries follow these guidelines:

  • Mention only the most important aspects of the plot
  • Omit insubstantial details
  • Quotation marks or citations are not necessary (it is assumed that the summary is based on someone else’s words)
  • Write in present tense
  • Be brief (a summary is meant to be much shorter than the original text – it is not a paraphrase)

There are several purposes for a summary. Sometimes a writer is expected to include a
summary in an analysis. In this case, the summary is used to introduce the audience to the text
that is being analyzed. This generally occurs within the introduction of the analysis in order to
remind or inform the reader of the events of the text prior to analysis.

Sample Summary:

Little Red Riding Hood is the story of a young girl and her sick grandmother who are
tricked by a wolf. The wolf hides in the grandmother’s bed and tricks Little Red Riding Hood
into coming into her grandmother’s sick room. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are
both swallowed by the wolf, but they are saved by a hunter who cuts open the wolf’s stomach,
pulls them out, and fills the wolf’s stomach with rocks. This experience teaches Little Red Riding
Hood a very valuable lesson.

Her har du en lille video om samme emne, og en kort opsamling af hovedpunkterne:


What goes into an objective summary?

  • Just the details — the important ones
  • Main character(s)
  • Setting
  • Important parts of plot (initial conflict, climax)

What doesn't go into an objective summary?

  • Your interpretations of the text
  • Your opinions or feelings of the text

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Husk at et referat følger gangen i kildeteksten — dvs. i et referat af en litterær tekst følger referatet plottet. Derfor er det vigtigt at kunne skelne handlingsgangen fra fx flashbacks.

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