How to Write a Blog Post

A blog post is basically a short, informal opinion article. Some blog posts are appalling, some are very good, and it usually depends on whether the author has done a decent amount of work writing the article.
Writing a blog post, you should observe the following points:

  1. Understand your audience: who are they, and what do they expect?
  2. Start with a topic and a working title. You may (most likely) want to change the title later on, but a good working title will give you a sense of direction in your writing.
  3. Write an introduction. Make it captivating, but be careful not to promise anything you cannot deliver on!
  4. Organize your content. You may want to use subheadings or not, but on all accounts, make a structure, a scaffolding, a template for your blog post. You may probably want to change this, too, as you go on, but having one will once again give you a sense of direction in your writing and help keeping you on your track.
  5. Write away! Basically, this means filling in the blanks of your template if you have made a good one – but leave room for your creativity. Good ideas in this phase may lead to changes in your template/overall structure, or even a new title. Be prepared for this, but be prepared to return to your original idea, too, if the new one turns out to be inderior.
    Basically, do not worry about length. Your blog post should be long enough to deal with the subject in a satisfying manner.
  6. Edit/proofread. Nobody wants to have to kick their way through a maze of misspellings, poorly chosen words and uncompleted sentences.

Brainstorming ideas before you start:

  • What to write?
    • Writing ideas, list several and try to get beyond the obvious
  • Who are you addressing?
    • What style and type of language will you be writing in?
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